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S.A.D is my first ever Visual Novel, It's a ~8 minutes long story inspired by DDLC (Doki Doki Litterature Club), Undertale and a little bit by  Pokemon Mystery dungeon games. 

Also I didn't spend any money to make it and I have no experience at all in VN making.

I made this Visual Novel by myself, just for fun.

Maybe I'll make a sequel one day... Who knows?

- Kurama :)


Updated 14 days ago
Published 29 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tags2D, Anime, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Extract the rar folder and play! Have fun!


S.A.D.rar 177 MB


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hey, can i get help. id like to play it but it doesnt say i can run it since nothing supports .rar files. 

Hey I’m really sorry but the game isn’t playable on mac :(


Meta horror is really hard to pull off in a post DDLC universe and I think you managed to do it just fine.  I thought the small hints were infrequent enough it didn't feel cheesy and I was thoroughly surprised in the latter half of the game. Great job!

Thank you so much! :)


I'm a huge fan of DDLC and this brought INSTANT nostalgia. While I was editing, I noticed on one of the "jumpscares" (not really, but it made me jump) that it said to "check the logs." I never did... BUT I encourage you to when you try it. I really enjoyed playing this on my 10th episode of FRIGHT and I hope you'll enjoy what I have to offer (:

Skip to 08:51 for my playthrough.

Hey thanks it was a really nice high quality video :)


your game is really cool!

thanks for making this game l really had fun.keep it up and make great games like this! 


Hey thank you so much but no I have to thank you for your review so thanks! :)


A very good visual novel for a first time.

I think what would intersting is a the story before this.

Ps. I didnt really scared when I played it in the first time and after i reset it I really got shook by the "don't go" option, I will give that to you.

Heyy thanks a lot! :)

You can check my twitter or you wanna know more about the lire of the game


I only got through playing this by squinting my eyes so I could barely see so I'd be less startled by the jumpscares. Good game.

Lool I hope you got at leasta bit spooked haha, thanks :)

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This game is actually pretty good! Impressive for your first visual novel! I had a lot of fun with it! I hope you enjoy this video of me playing it even though I was tired when recording it 

Heyyy thank you so much I’m happy you liked it! I liked your video it was really funny haha


Short and good

Thanks! :)


I quite liked this game. The video definitely isn't good quality (bad mic, my voice, almost everything that I was doing) but overall this game is good for your first visual novel. I've never made a visual novel, but I'd feel like this would be a good example for one.  Maybe I'd make one in the future. Anyways, I hope I don't ramble on, so here's the video. Thanks for making this game, I'll definitely be playing it again for another ending! :)

Heyy thanks for the video don't worry about the quality I'm happy that you liked it! :)


I don't know if it's interesting. I hope I can download it

I hope too! Don’t forget to reopen it when it closes haha!



Thank youuu :)


really short sadly, but cool anyway

Hey yeah I know haha, thanks!


Hey! I thought this was great, especially for your first visual novel. Definitely got Doki Doki vibes. Followed, and I'm psyched to play your future releases!

Heyy thank you for your video and your review, you can check my twitter if you wanna know more about the lore of the game haha @KURAMAAA0


its a good game and.....i didnt click don't go lmao

Thank you but... CLICK


reminder not to touch '' dont go '' :)

why wouldn’t you🥰🥰


i really liked the game c:

Thank you so much! :)


Amazing visual novel i felt sad at the end tbh and got doki doki lituture club vibes  nice game.

Thank youu!


dont fuggin click dont go



how do i play this game?

Just download it and extract the RAR folder :)


Wow! For a first game this is really advanced! Great content!

Thank you so much :)


This was a cool game. I congratulate you on the making of your first game. I liked it and I hope you continue to work on your craft. Incorporating things like build up and atmosphere is a pretty important thing when it comes to horror. I did not see that here but, everything else like the unsettling nature and such was quite good. Great job!


Hey thanks a lot for your review I’m glad it wasn’t that bad haha, I’ll take your tips into consideration :)


Thank you so much for watching! I hope to see more games in the future!


very good little short short but very very good

Haha yeah I know it's very short but thanks! :)


not bad of a game, fortunately I can't say the same for the quality of this video. but yeah I was genuinely terrified in some parts. (also I feel like i'm missing something. tell me if I did miss anything important.)

Thanks for the video haha I told you what you missed in a comment on your video :)

PS: Check my Twitter if you want to investigate to find out what's the lore of this game hehe


I thought it's just one of those generic anime dating game... at the end I guess she showed her true colors! Maybe it's best to lay off dating games for a while lol 


Haha never trust anime girls 😏


Yes! Hahaha! Those eyes freaked me out hence the thumbnail. You have good tastes :)

Hey by the way if you want to find out more about the lore of the game, check my Twitter ;)


Finally got to play this awesome game! 

Thank you so much!❤️❤️